Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Special Thanks
Part I: Discovering Character
Part II: Conventions
Hey Mike
Part III: Born Tabula Rasa
Character Creation Summary
Part IV: Mechanical Guidance
Mike Says: Challenges
Switch #1: Rolling When You Want To
Mike Says: Switch #1
Example: Requesting Challenges
Dice Thresholds
Mike Says: Dice Thresholds
Difficulty Ratings
Mike Says: Difficulty Ratings
Rolling Dice
Example: Rolling Dice
Part V: Just In Time
Using Fragments
Example: Using Fragments
Purchasing Fragments
Fragment List
Example: Sudden Discovery
Switch #2: Just In The Knick of Time
Mike Says: Switch #2
Naming Fragments
Switch #3: Weekly Special
Using Fragments Revisited
Example: Modifiers
Part VI: Many Travels
Part VII: Shaped Of Many Pieces
Creating New Fragments
Player Purchased Fragments
GM Awarded Fragments
Official Persona Character Sheet
     Two years ago I told Ben and Mike that I was planning to put down in words their pet-project RPG. In its original form, PERSONA was loosely based on the Kenshin anime series. The only thing written down was the list of Fragments. Today only the kernel of that first idea remains. After many sessions playtesting different variations of PERSONA, with rule alterations coming from everyone involved, the game has evolved.
     No, it didn't take me two years to write these forty-four pages. I got lazy somewhere along the way, but after three complete rewrites and countless revisions, I'd like to thank both Mike and Ben for their ideas and for letting me craft them into something of my own. I know they won't be happy with everything I've done here, but I hope they don't feel completely distanced from the project. Life lesson: it's never easy to pen someone else's thoughts without altering them. Thanks especially to Mike for being such a hard-ass when it came to telling me I was sucking it up big time.
     Thanks also to everyone who playtested PERSONA in one form or another (I put all of your names on the title page). And thanks to Diana for showing me how to spelll.
     Bottom line is, I've had a lot of fun with PERSONA and I hope others will too.

July 18, 2003

I made it before GenCon!

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