TCK Roleplaying

Tim and his little nephew, Ethan

Twitter: @tckoppang
Google+: Tim Koppang

TCK Roleplaying is the self-publishing imprint of Tim C Koppang. Tim has been roleplaying since the 6th grade, or at least that’s as far back as he can remember doing so with any organized rules. However, he has been designing games of all types since he was old enough to play Candyland.

Tim started roleplaying with Shadowrun and Dungeons & Dragons. From there, his library of games grew to include titles such as Fudge, Traveller, and Story Engine. Throughout college, Tim continued to broaden his roleplaying horizons upon discovering websites such as The Gaming Outpost and The Forge. The discussions at both sites led him to games like Little Fears, InSpectres, Sorcerer, and Dust Devils.

Currently, Tim resides in the Chicago suburbs with his wife, Diana. While roleplaying is a passion, he also teaches composition at Loyola University while pursuing his PhD in English.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the games offered here, Tim’s journey towards self-publishing, or even just the weather, feel free to send a message. Your feedback is always welcome.