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“This slim, attractive book may be the perfect gateway drug into focused, new-style RPGs for fans of old-school fantasy.”

Hero’s Banner :  The Fury of Free Will

Hero’s Banner is available as a black & white softcover book and PDF. The PDF is a mere $6. The book costs $16 + s/h. PDFs are delivered by email, generally within 24 hours.

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Grim fantasy meets the angst of indecision. Will you choose love, power, religion, allegiance, war, or betrayal?

Hero’s Banner: The Fury of Free Will is a fantasy roleplaying game with a razor sharp premise and elegant mechanics to match. Every character is faced with a choice between three mutually exclusive and world-changing paths to glory. Which will he choose, and what will he forever give up to achieve his goals?

What’s more, Hero’s Banner supports multi-generational epic play. Each character is designed to last a single session. But the game can go on forever as you link one character to the next in a chain of heroes, each one idolizing the previous.

Learn About Hero’s Banner

If you are new to the game, you may want to read the book’s introduction, or take a look at some of the included illustrations by Bill Mudron and and Keith Senkowski:

Kiss Demon Tower

You can also read through other people’s actual play experiences:

Finally, you can email me with any questions or comments (tim “at” tckroleplaying “dot” com).

Player Aids & Resources

Character Worksheet
Keep track of your character’s influences, passion, and other vital information during the episode.
Influence Worksheet
Develop your character’s influences and other pre-game statistics. Keep this sheet around for use during the game as both a reference and as inspiration.
Demo Pack
Whether you’re looking to try out Hero’s Banner for the first time, or need a longer demo to run at a convention, this demo pack has something for you.
Passion Chart
If you would like to explore all of the possible Influence scores available during a game of Hero’s Banner, you can use this chart to easily compute combinations for any given Passion Rating.

Praise for Hero’s Banner:

“This is the sort of game that we play. . . . You’ve got this story that builds on itself. You end up with a litany of people who have come before you that you look up to, and that did something hugely sacrificial and awesome for what they believe in. And then you get to do it yourself. It’s simple, but it’s elegant.”
— Clinton R Nixon, author of The Shadow of Yesterday