Monthly Archives: February 2011

Sight for Sore Eyes Charity Bundle

Elizabeth Shoemaker has very generously put together a charity bundle of RPGs in an effort to raise money for her friend Karla. Karla is a young mother who was recently diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. Long story short, Karla is going to be blind by the time she reaches her 40s or, if she’s lucky, her 50s. You can find out more about Karla at the Two Scooters Press website.

All proceeds from the the charity bundle will go to Karla, and it’s a very nice bundle indeed. You can get six games for $10. The games include:

  • Mars Colony, by Tim Koppang (that’s me)
  • Polaris, by Ben Lehman
  • Remember Tomorrow, by Gregor Hutton
  • Murderland, by Elizabeth Shoemaker
  • Perfect, Unrevised, by Joe McDaldno — along with all the reference sheets
  • Geasa, by Jonathan Lavalee
  • And a special, bundle-only Apocalypse World character class: THE HOARDER, by D. Vincent Baker

Please consider making a donation. Any one of the games listed above sells for around $10 on its own. You can get them all for that same price, and help a worthy cause while you’re at it.