Hacking Knave

I’ve been working on a larger hack for the minimalist OSR game Knave that will eventually (probably, maybe) include details and random generators for the setting material. For now, however, I thought I’d post some of the rules additions I’ve been noodling with. You can find the rules here. Take a look if you please! But here’s a summary of the basics:

The first is a system for integrating the spells and catastrophes from Wonder & Wickedness (which I love). But because the Knave system is so reliant on inventory for everything, including magic, I built off of another suggestion by a fan to use crystal shards for containing each spell.

The second system allows for some lightweight specialization for each character. This isn’t a class system (which I thought would be inappropriate for Knave given its design goals), but it does create complications for characters inexperienced with some of the most common yet stressful actions undertaken during fantasy adventures. I call this system “Doubt,” and I’m looking forward to playtesting it.

Any and all feedback is welcome!