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Design Matters

Well, it’s official. I will be releasing Mars Colony this summer, and exhibiting it at Gen Con 2010. I am very excited to be at the Design Matters booth, along with fellow designers, Nathan D. Paoletta, Kevin Allen Jr., Gregor Hutton, Epidiah Ravachol, Elizabeth Shoemaker, Shreyas Sampat, Daniel Solis, Clint Krause, Cassie Krause, and Joe Prince. What a line-up!

Work on Mars Colony continues. I’ve received some great playtest feedback and now need to integrate all of the changes into a near final draft. This will involve yet more playtesting by me to make sure that I haven’t strayed too far from my original vision. From there, it’ll be off to layout, proofing, and the printer. As I’ve said before, all artwork for the game will be taken from NASA’s public doman (full color!) image galleries.

Speaking of NASA, it appears as if the Spirit rover has finally begun to give up the ghost after six years of operation. It’s struggling with broken wheels, dust covered solar panels, and an upcoming Martian winter. May it wake from hibernation when the sun returns.